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THEWOMANWHOLE Clear Quartz Yoni Egg

$47.40 USD

WAS $79 - Clear Quartz: Known as “the master healer”, this cosmic yoni egg amplifies and cleanses energy. Clear quartz provides a cosmic download of knowledge and wisdom and is associated with the crown chakra. 
This treasury is made to order and includes a FREE yoni steam, a crystal spirit card, yoni egg information and instruction e-guide to get you started along your journey, personalized support and care via email, smudge collection (loose sage, palo santo,& cedar), yoni egg pouch & stand, pocket crystal, large crystal pouch for all your magical treasures, and an herbal cleansing bath.
With this kit you will also receive a yoni egg that has been intuitively selected, specially prepared, cleansed, and energetically infused with healing vibrations, sacred teachings, and love!

 Each purchase comes with a free month-long access to Lunar Yoga by Yoga with Kassandra! This amazing program offers online New and Full Moon yoga classes, meditations, and journaling exercises that can help you dive even further into your journey of self-discovery!

Size Guide: Small 30mmx20mm - Medium 40mmx30mm - Large 50mmx35mm


Includes free U.S. shipping!

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