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BASZICARE FONS regenerative eye serum 20 ML

$260.00 USD

This effectual eye serum gets right to the heart of the skin aging problem by helping to mediate the important needs of the skin at the cellular level and by providing critical support to the eye area for improved elasticity. Its rejuvenating properties are unsurpassed and helps revivify skin's connective tissue. This radiant serum pairs well with other eye treatments.

Beta glucan, a veritable anti-aging element that goes deep down to perform its function in the sub-epidermal layer where it stimulates macrophages for the release of growth factors, which helps in the increase of collagen synthesis and aids in critical anti-aging functions.

Helichrysum extract, this ingredient has a well-documented use for fighting the ravages of aging throughout history. Its cytophylactic properties in encouraging the growth of new skin cells means that cellular regeneration is enhanced and limp skin feels firmer and tighter.

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