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BASZICARE LUCEM smoothing cream intensive 40 ML

$380.00 USD

An extravagant treatment moisturizer that helps smoothen wrinkles with a blend of high performance botanicals, bestowing a satiny smoothness on your skin that you can feel almost right away. The cutting edge blend of botanicals helps stimulate the mechanical and biological cellular functions of the skin. Your skin will feel more relaxed as its vitality is naturally rejuvenated and becomes silky soft.

Secale cereale (rye) seed extract helps increase the skin’s natural mechanics in reducing the phenomena of microtensing and boosting its natural firming ability.

Calendula, an incredible extract with a holistic past helps promote the repair of tissue and prevent tissue degeneration by aiding the metabolism of collagen during healing process.

Pearl powder, this oceanic ingredient is composed of numerous minerals, including selenium, silicon, magnesium, copper and zinc, supporting the absorption of calcium and helping the repair and growth of new tissue.

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