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£39.06 GBP

Wild harvested and cold pressed oil from the seeds of the Maqui berry, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world is the basis for this potent oil serum. Superb botanical and essential oils work in harmony to deliver a velvety soft, healthy glow to your skin.

Size: 30ml

Goal: Supple, hydrated and luminous skin.

Use: Morning and evening.

Skin type: Balancing for all skin types / Excellent for dry, mature and damaged skin

Why we love it: Readily absorbs, leaving skin glowing and moisturised.

Benefits: Intensely hydrating, penetrates to your skin's deepest layers to rehydrate and boost cellular renewal. Neutralises harmful free radicals.


This super-berry oil contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that effectively neutralize DNA-damaging free radicals that can damage your skin cells. Wild harvested across wide areas of native Patagonian rainforest by the Mapuche, who are indigenous to the region, the Maqui berry fruits are highly nutritious and the oil has traditionally been used by the Mapuche to treat a variety of ailments.


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