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ARTIS BRUSH Fluenta 9 Brush Set

£453.00 GBP
Artis Brush's cult beauty tools have been adapted into several sleek variations since their conception in 2014. Neatly displayed in a velvet presentation box that can be repurposed, each one in the 'Fluenta' set is densely packed with the brand's signature smooth CosmeFibre® monofilaments that seamlessly apply everything from eyeliner to blush.

- Circle 1 and Circle 1R are perfect for applying lip color or spot concealer to smaller areas on the face
- Apply eye makeup with the Oval 4 and Oval 3 brushes
- Use Linear 1 and Linear 3 to create a thin line of product along the lashes or to perfect your brows
- Use the Oval 6 and Oval 8 for foundation, blush and contour makeup
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