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Lord&Berry 20100 Matte Lipstick

£12.00 GBP

CHARACTERISTICS:  Lipstick pencil an intense colour, long lasting and ultra-comfortable application. Available in shiny or matte formulations when applied immediately soothes and softens. Long lasting textures, available in the four essential ranges of your emotional library: fantacy, drama, romance, poetry.

UNIQUE QUALITIES:  Smooth texture with excellent payoff - Jumbo pencil lipstick format (fat pencil) preferred by make-up artists

BENEFITS:  Brilliant and intense colours - Colours always fresh, even after months of non-usage Hydrating and long lasting - Very easy to carry along

HOW TO USE: Apply regularly on your lips as any other lipstick Sharpen it only with the Lord & Berry Sharpener.

GOES WELL WITH: Active Spa, Ultimate Lipliner and Silhouette Liner.

CUSTOMERS SHOULD KNOW: A woman should retouch her lipstick at least 5 times per day. 20100 is perfect to carry in your bag and easy and quick to apply. 20100 is the ultimate Lipstick preferred by makeup artists

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