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NEGIARABANI Wide Geometric Statement Necklace

$215.00 USD

Tired of wearing the usual necklace everyone else is wearing? Try this wide sculptural statement necklace featured in the October 2019 issue of VANITY FAIR. Displayed here in wood, you can order this modern and elegant necklace in various materials from gunmetal acrylics to different type of glitter acrylics. Wear it with your elegant outfit to stand out. Add it to your casual denim and shirt and elevate your casual look to a casual chic level.  

Pick your favorite material, chain finishing and chain length and you will get a unique extraordinary piece.

Designed and made in California. Some of the components are imported. 

Measurements & specifics: length of the pendant: 4" - width of the pendent: 8"

- thickness: 1/8" - chain length in the featured image: 20"- Materials: acrylic, base metal, plated brass, .999 silver over copper, wood

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