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FINNLY'S Moldavite and Mandarin Garnet Cuff Bangle

£318.00 GBP

Designed to stand out this beautiful cuff bangle is a real eye catcher!

21ct facetted Moldavite and 4 mandarin garnets melt in this unique handmade design, reminiscent of a tropical garden, set in sterling silver, white gold plated.The intense green colour of the moldavite can be easily mistaken for emerald to the untrained eye.  Match it with our moldavite flower ring or moldavite flower studs for a classic and elegant look!


21ct. Moldavite, mixed cushion cut, Moldavite size 14x10mm

4 mandarin garnet, 1.5ct., center garnet 5.5mm, outer garnets 3.5mm

sterling silver, white gold plated, hollow core constitution, 5.5mm band width

inner diameter 58mm, malleable 

bangle dimension H. 60mm, W. 65mm


also available 18k yellow gold plated.

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