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Pamela Dickinson Reversible pendant earrings in Silver with 18 carat gold detail and set with gemstone. Peridot, Amethyst, Iolite, Garnet, Citrne options.

£204.00 GBP

Back to the Future...

Reversible pendant earrings first inspired by previous design made in the 1980's.

Silver and Gold earrings with come with a choice of gemstones.

You can wear them with the gemstone to the front, or with the group of 4 Gold beads to the front, or defy convention and wear them with one each way around.

The full length of the earring is approximately 40mm. The drop from the post to the bottom of the earring is about 38mm. The main part of the earring is free to move within the link at the top.

The high quality facetted gemstones are securely held in 18 carat Yellow Gold settings, and each stone measures 2.75mm diameter.

Choose from Iolite (blue), Rhodolite Garnet (crimson/wine red),Peridot (apple green), Citrine (golden yellow) and Amethyst (violet). Other options are available on request.

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