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Pamela Dickinson Romantic Flower Ring. Unique statement ring, Exclusive gift. Rose Quartz, Silver, 18kt Gold & rose vermeil.

£200.00 GBP

A unique gem-set solid Silver and Rose Gold Statement ring with pink vermeil plating.

This Rose Quartz is so gentle in appearance; it has inspired a "Romantic" Flower Ring.

The pink facetted stone is gently domed with diamond shape facets that sparkle across the whole surface. It suggested very feminine and tender characteristics to me, so I chose to add details emphasising that softness. The silver shapes that form a crown around the setting are scalloped, rather than pointed, and I tipped the claws that hold with stone with 18kt Rose Gold as well as adding some tiny beads of rose Gold around the base of those claws.

The surface surrounding all this detail has a matte finish and is plated with a rose gold vermeil to contrast with the silver.

All the outer parts of the ring are highly polished.

The ring is solid silver and bears the London Hallmark for Sterling silver, as well as my maker's mark.

This is a unique statement or cocktail ring, designed with glamour and impact in mind!

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