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Heda Jordan Designs Rosso Rose Pendant

$290.00 USD

How can the simple elegance of a rose captivate us so quickly? For centuries, the rose has represented powerful emotions: love, sympathy, or sorrow. Our rose necklace captures the essence of these powerful emotions using a modern design - with a classy touch. Wear it to remember the love in your life today, yesterday and tomorrow.

This piece includes a layer of enamel the colour of a blooming red rose between two layers of precious Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.

You won’t find non-precious metals such as brass, rhodium, nickel, or coloured metals mixed into our jewellery. All the pieces at HEDA JORDAN DESIGNS are crafted from materials that are designed to last a lifetime with little care.

Product Specifications:

- 1 1/2" wide and 1 3/8" high

- Layer of red enamel between 2 layers of precious metals

- Available in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver

- All jewellery is made-to-order and can take 2-4 weeks to make

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