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Heda Jordan Designs Gardenia Earrings

$150.00 USD

Isn’t it amazing how a simple smell can take us back to a moment in time? The sweet fragrance of a gardenia can bring back memories of certainty, peace, and all that is beautiful and right in the world. Imagine being able to transport yourself into that space anytime throughout your day.

Clean and elegant, the beautifully hand-made gardenia earrings bring a touch of chic to any outfit. Feel the beauty and peace radiate from yourself all day long!

You won’t find non-precious metals such as brass, rhodium, nickel, or coloured metals mixed into our jewellery. All the pieces at HEDA JORDAN DESIGNS are crafted from materials that are designed to last a lifetime with little care.

Product Specifications:

- Each earring is 1" diameter

- Available in 14K Gold or Sterling Silver

- All jewellery is made-to-order and can take 2-4 weeks to make

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