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Velettà is a natural, luxurious collection of products that nurture your skin.

Made in small batches in the South Island of New Zealand, they are designed to be used together in simple daily and weekly rituals.

All natural

There are no chemicals or fillers in Velettà products; only pure, active, high-quality ingredients which work with your skin to achieve profound results.

All ages & skin types

Facial oils work for all skin types, from teenage to ageing, from dry to oily. They help dry skin to rehydrate and work to restore balance to combination or oily skin. They soothe sensitive skin, while also delivering results for hormonal and acne-prone skin.

The benefit of oils

Velettà facial oils are composed purely of natural ingredients, with no fillers or added water, they feel good. And they absorb instantly, leaving you with dewy, soft skin.




Photo Title Descending Description Price Descending
VELETTA Nourishing Moisturiser 50ML VELETTA Nourishing Moisturiser 50ML Applied to skin after the Velettà Rejuvenating Oil, or used on its own, it delivers another layer of hydration and protection to your skin. Composed of the same potent, active natural...  £52.22 GBP
VELETTA 2 Luxury Face Cloths VELETTA 2 Luxury Face Cloths Velettà luxury face cloths are silky and soft for a gentle but very effective cleanse. These face cloths become soft when rinsed under warm water, gliding over the skin and removing make-up,...  £10.44 GBP
VELETTA Purifying Mask 25G VELETTA Purifying Mask 25G Treat your skin once a week with the Velettà Purifying Facial Mask, a luxurious component of the Velettà skincare ritual. It is formulated to cleanse, remove impurities and exfoliate,...  £33.94 GBP
VELETTA Rejuvenating Oil 50ML VELETTA Rejuvenating Oil 50ML Velettà Rejuvenating Facial Oil is packed with efficacious vitamins and fatty acids; it’s an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that works to hydrate and even out your skin tone, while...  £62.67 GBP
VELETTA Cleansing Oil 50ML VELETTA Cleansing Oil 50ML Velettà Facial Cleansing Oil melts into the skin, removing make-up (including mascara), pollution and impurities while also penetrating the dermis deeply to hydrate, reduce inflammation and...  £39.16 GBP
VELETTA Gift Card VELETTA Gift Card Give the gift of Velettà. Our gift cards come in three denominations, $50, $100 and $200 and can be spent on any of Velettà beautiful products.  Velettà gift cards are...  £52.22 GBP