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The Designer:

Talented and knowledgeable, Nicofilimon (aka Nikos Garbis) uses his creativity to embrace jewellery design as the noble form of craftsmanship that it is.

His studies in jewellery design, gemmology and the art of diamonds harmoniously blend with his training in Classical music, jazz and composition, turning his artistic inspiration into a profound vision of beauty.

Each and every one of his creations reflects a fragment of his influences while, at the same time, it brings his aesthetical representation of the human condition to life.Internationally acclaimed and awarded, Nicofilimon stays in touch with his roots both physically and spiritually. His birthplace, Cephalonia, and the Ionian blue constitute the very source of his passion and force, making it hard for him to imagine himself outside a Greek context.Nevertheless, his path has naturally led him to dreamy metropolitan cities in Europe and the United States, serving as outlets through which his work successfully reaches wider audiences.

As a careful zeitgeist “reader”, Nicofilimon chose to give the world access to his jewels not through a physical store but on the internet. Design genius is now an option for anyone who knows where to look for it.

Artisan Body Parts the Meaning

Moving parts on a body map. Valuable materials. Cosmic symbols. Processed by an attitude, dimension and motion giving hand. The hand of the creator. Inorganic matter becomes organic. Jewels surpass their physical form and turn into contemporary works of art. Artisan body parts. A hand to body mental direction gives flesh and bones to Nicofilimon Jewellery, transforming it into an indispensable part of those who wear it. Jewels serve as extensions of the body. They cause admiration. They stick out from what is already known and defined. And they glow as dark becomes light in the design lab.


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