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We care about waste. We do this by producing products for our customers when they need it, and by using design and manufacturing technologies that can help us reduce number of prototypes and product waste.

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We care about beauty, external and internal. We are committed to providing unique designs to our customers to make them feel great and look great. And we use part of our net proceeds to support causes and organizations we care about.

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NEGIARABANI Renaissance Simple Glitter Necklace

$175.00 USD

Cool, simple and elegant. Add this beautiful necklace to your outfit for a glam look. Wear it when you go shopping, meet friends for brunch, go to a party or are just having a coffee.  The simple unique design of this piece will add an extra coolness to your everyday outfit. Designed and made in California. Some of the components are imported. 

Measurements & specifics: - length of the pendant: 3 1/4" - width of the pendent: 3 1/4" - thickness: 1/8" - chain length in the featured image: 29"- Materials: acrylic, base metal, plated brass 

This ring is designed in California and made in NYC or California.

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