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Jewellery gives me so much joy and I love collecting unique pieces from around the world. To me, jewellery are little pieces of art that express your individuality, and through Miss Mathiesen I want to enable you to express yourself, by providing a personal collection of beautiful pieces. This being jewellery that I have designed myself, inspired by antique pieces and Indian traditions, or collected from around the world on my travels.

Everything offered at Miss Mathiesen is over-the-top and wonderful. The Miss Mathiesen girl or boy likes to stand out from the crowd, with colour and lovingly handmade craftwork.

Miss Mathiesen is created by Erica Mathiesen, and is based in Oslo, Norway. Our jewellery studios are based in Jaipur, India and Karachi, Pakistan.



MISS MATHIESEN Age of Aquarius Collection Chain

£500.00 GBP

This particular collection has been a sweet little child of mine for a while. I have studied astrology for four years, and I have learnt to read and analyze, amongst other things, birth horoscopes. I came up with the idea of creating this collection after having incorporated astrology into my personal life, and wanting to create something I could wear that symbolizes this. I will read your birth horoscope, where the three most important aspects is your birth sign, your ascendant and your moon node. I will put these three together in forms of coins that I have designed, with the particular star signs engraved. In order for me to make this for you, you will need to send me your birth date, birth time and birth place. I will personally set up your horoscope, and make the necklace or bracelet according to your specific data. The pieces are handmade by the Norwegian gold smith Silje Mjerskaug. The coins were made by Bugge and Authen Juvelerverksted, and they were cast by Edelmetallstøperiet. So all though out, designed, and hand made with so much LOVE in Norway.

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