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Jewellery gives me so much joy and I love collecting unique pieces from around the world. To me, jewellery are little pieces of art that express your individuality, and through Miss Mathiesen I want to enable you to express yourself, by providing a personal collection of beautiful pieces. This being jewellery that I have designed myself, inspired by antique pieces and Indian traditions, or collected from around the world on my travels.

Everything offered at Miss Mathiesen is over-the-top and wonderful. The Miss Mathiesen girl or boy likes to stand out from the crowd, with colour and lovingly handmade craftwork.

Miss Mathiesen is created by Erica Mathiesen, and is based in Oslo, Norway. Our jewellery studios are based in Jaipur, India and Karachi, Pakistan.



MISS MATHIESEN The Small Tanushri Earrings

£100.00 GBP

This model is a HIT! They are handmade in Jaipur, India and is gold plated on brass with thousands of little white faux pearls. It is a FAVOURITE with the Miss Mathiesen customers, and the ones I wear the most too. They come in a wide specter of colours; Pearl, Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Turquoise, so take your pick. They run out of stock fast.

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