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As House of Minzkou, intending to control the impact we have upon the environment in which we wake up, work, breathe and live is not some kind of a duty, in fact it is a passion.  Supporting local businesses that are owned or operated by our neighbours is one of our primary goals as a sustainably conscious business. It’s our highest intention to invest in the well being of our community and therefore helping them to carve its future is the same as contributing in our mutual future.  Focusing on more traditional ways like handcrafting to support local talents is an exciting choice for us just like maximizing environmental benefits by using natural yarns, fabrics, materials passionately excites the House.

We pride ourselves on using less amounts of energy as well as giving minimum amount of waste output and creating biodegradable packaging for our products.



Minzkou Hand-knitted Venusian Pearl Jacket

$563.00 USD

WAS $750
Knitted entirely by hand with over 80% of  wool yarns on top of suede fabric.


Embellished with flat pearl beads

Lining is made of suede fabric

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