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Madame Adassa is a luxury female fashion label based in the U.S.
The Jamaica born Designer, Marsha Vacirca, grew up in a culture surrounded by music, history and fashion. As a young girl, while her friends held summer jobs in various businesses or visited friends on the weekends, she was permitted only to work in her mother's atelier.
There she learned the art of sewing and design. She soon developed a vast knowledge in the world of textile and fabric manipulation. She became although unwillingly, the director for her mother's operation. Her mother was known as "the go-to-er" for custom designs in her town. The who's who frequented the atelier that later on bore her name as well as her mothers. It was there that she learned the art of free hand cutting and developed a love for the draping technique she most frequently use today in her designs. 
Marsha eventually relocated to the US, where she attended college, ultimately earning a masters degree in business. Soon after, she began to entertain the thought of starting her own company. She went back to her first love: fashion and in 2016 Madame Adassa was born.
Today, her designs have been worn by Hollywood celebrities, she's been featured in lifestyle magazines including Vogue Britain. Her fashion has graced the runways of Canada, LA and New York Fashion Week.

Madame Adassa Crushed dress

$615.00 USD

This embroidered-velvet and tulle tunic dares you to be different. Features half satin/ half embroidered velvet sleeves, rounded neckline and zipper back. The bottom is satin skirt with box-pleated hem. This is sure to be a conversation starter.

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