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Hand blended with care, using only pure raw ingredients that work together to give you luminous skin.

Created with natural oils, plant extracts, mineral clays, creamy organic butters and the finest 100% pure essential oils, Immortelle products are vegan, cruelty free, fair trade and palm oil free.

Sophisticated ingredients that melt into uncomplicated, luscious rituals. Skin that shimmers and aromas that arouse... small rituals of self-love that enrich your skin and leave you glowing and radiant.

We select our ingredients for their potency and their exceptional rejuvenating properties. We create small batches of concentrated nutrients, layering in sumptuous and uplifting aromas from the finest essential oils to invoke a sense of infinite possibility and poise.

Deliciously aromatic… sensually exuberant… other-worldly - a potent and carefully crafted product range to illuminate your skin and satisfy your senses.



Photo Title Descending Description Price Descending
IMMORTELLE SKIN CARE Intense Hydration Gel Facial Masque IMMORTELLE SKIN CARE Intense Hydration Gel Facial Masque Quench thirsty skin with this intensely hydrating and cooling gel facial mask. The gel-based formula contains vegan Hyaluronic acid and a plant-based peptide to provide even the most dehydrated skins...  £39.06 GBP
IMMORTELLE SKIN CARE Maqui Berry Glow Serum IMMORTELLE SKIN CARE Maqui Berry Glow Serum Wild harvested and cold pressed oil from the seeds of the Maqui berry, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world is the basis for this potent oil serum. Superb botanical and essential oils work...  £39.06 GBP