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Fite Fashion formally began in January 2018 when husband and wife Michelle and Thomas Fite signed paperwork forming a company together — but their journey to create a sustainable fashion business started long before then. For well over a decade, Michelle has been honing her design, patterning and sewing skills to fulfill her dream of launching a clothing line that does not compromise sustainable and ethical practices for design.


Every garment we sell is made to order in the Northeastern United States, by people who are paid fairly. We source the most sustainable fabrics available, and focus on fabrics that are produced with clean dyeing techniques and non-exploitative labor.



FITE FASHION White Zaha Bodice

£1,500.00 GBP

Creating a unique silhouette, our Zaha Bodice stands on its own. Its shape can shift depending on the situation, whether a cocktail party or even a bold wedding choice.

The silk wool bodice features a hand-sewn corselette which provides structure and support. It is lined with white cupro that feels like silk against the skin.

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