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Designer Donna LIU, graduated from Tsinghua University with Bachelor’s degree in Art and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Product Design with Master’s degree.

Built on her professional study and interests, she is familiar with multiple art and design areas. Such as ceramic, painting, sculpture, products, fashion and jewellery design. As an artist, Donna has high aesthetic standard and artistic attainments to ensure the artistic quality of works.


With passion and enthusiasm on stylized product design, Donna has started a company and founded jewelry brand FARRA in 2010 to realize her design ambitions. Since then, the brand has effectively published favorable products every season.


FARRA always presents positive and optimistic emotions with sweet colours, and express pure and kindness. Inspirited by nature and cultures, Donna design are reminiscent of flowers, leaves, lights, sweat colors. Revealing the intellectual elegant and sensitivity. Make the wearers fell happy and being loved.



FARRA Freshwater Pearls With Golden Plated Brass Coral Charm Necklace MN126

$220.00 USD

This beautiful necklace was inspired by nature that is made of natural freshwater pearls with golden plated brass coral charms and findings from Japan. It can be worn with linen top, open knitted sweater or straight-cut neckline and tie up your hair looks stunning. This is the prefect piece for summer, also a very nice gift for birthday, anniversaries or festivals. 

Size: Approx 18" 

It will be contained in a nice jewelry case and well packed. 

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