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Eraya is founded by Hima Yalamanchili, Colorado based designer who was born and brought up in India. She is a self-taught designer who began sketching at a very young age and draws her inspiration from nature and art. She followed her dream by leaving behind her career as a doctor and brought "Eraya" to life which is an amalgamation of the names of her children.

Eraya strives to surpass trends and seasons in being unique & timeless and takes the designs to another level. They believe in creating pieces which are meant to be worn and enjoyed and hence made affordable for every special moment. Eraya is all about creating modern, unique, minimalistic jewelry with sparkle and elegance by using ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones, pearls and fine 18k & 14k gold.

Her palette of collections includes modern, geometric & organic designs inspired by mother nature and experiences during her travel. She truly wishes that you love Eraya which fills you up from inside!!



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