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Spending many years working in the Far East and west, we have gained extensive knowledge in the beauty industry. Our purpose is to bring excellence from both worlds. We produce a bespoke beauty range that is uniquely developed with no replication. We proudly introduce our first gold product with unrivalled dedication to a luxurious beauty experience. The future is gold!

In the Far and Middle East gold, has been used for centuries to enhance healthy skin, beauty and appearance.  A recent "trend" for gold in products has hit the beauty industry by storm but not all products are safe for our skin. Many do not actually contain gold at all!

Our 24K Gold Beauty serum is uniquely formulated with no bleaching agents or harsh chemicals. This gold serum illuminates the skin and is SOLD NOWHERE ELSE IN THE UK.

Elixier London 24k Gold Beauty serum has been responsibly and ethically sourced and manufactured in Asia in an E.U. safety tested and Osha certified cosmetic laboratory.

Our products are never tested on animals and contain only 100% vegan ingredients.

All our packaging is recyclable, and each product has a 12 months expiry date once opened.



Photo Title Descending Description Price Descending
ELIXIER LONDON BEAUTY 24K Gold Beauty Serum 30ML ELIXIER LONDON BEAUTY 24K Gold Beauty Serum 30ML This 24K Gold skin-enriching super serum gives your face a golden glow. With its newly developed vitamin packed formula and added hyaluronic acid is the perfect carrier for the 24K Gold particles...  £28.00 GBP