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Our skin is an expression of our body, mind and spirit. The skin shows it all and nature has all the answers when it comes to a holistic life style and natural skincare.

Some of the countless beauty secrets nature provides is African oils like Marula oil, Baobab oil, Kalahari Melon Seed oil, Mongongo, Moringa and Ximenia oil. African oils contain a high level of anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, D, A and C. In combination with essential fatty acids and Minerals all of them provide nutrition, hydration and protection for the skin. They are highly emollient, very stable and have a long shelf life. In combination with other high quality oils, contained in ELEWA skin care products, like Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Apricot oil, Macadamia nut oil, black Cumin seed oil, Rosehipp seed oil, Pomegranate oil and Coconut oil, they deliver all the benefits of the oils quickly into the skin. Some products are enriched with essential oils like Lemon oil, Juniper berry, Cypress, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Frankincense, Neem oil and Helichrysum.

ELEWA skin care products hydrate and nourish the skin. They provide protection against damaging through free radicals to keep the skin`s natural beauty. Not only mature skin benefits from the qualities of the oils. Due to their unique blend they are also suitable for young and sensitive skin.



Photo Title Descending Description Price Descending
Elewa ESSENTIAL TRILOGY 24H SOLUTION 2OZ EACH Elewa ESSENTIAL TRILOGY 24H SOLUTION 2OZ EACH WAS $98 THREE PRODUCTS FOR A YOUTHFUL AND RADIANT SKIN! Facial Serum Clarity Day & Mongongo Oil: Every morning after cleansing apply a small amount of serum onto skin and gently massage...  $89.00 USD
ELEWA FACIAL SERUM CLARITY – 2OZ ELEWA FACIAL SERUM CLARITY – 2OZ VERY LIGHT SERUM This very light Serum is designed for the sensitive, irritated skin. Aloe Barbadensis, Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin provide long lasting hydration. Antioxidants like Rooibos,...  $39.00 USD
ELEWA PURE NATURE – FOR MEN ELEWA PURE NATURE – FOR MEN SKIN CARE SET FOR MEN Purification Blend Cleanser: This pure and gentle but powerful liquid cleanser contains organic Coconut, Olive oil and Coconut oil to nourish and protect the skin....  $59.00 USD
ELEWA FRESH PEPPERMINT TONER – 4OZ ELEWA FRESH PEPPERMINT TONER – 4OZ REFRESHING FACE TONER This refreshing USDA organic certified Peppermint toner is based on organic Peppermint extract. Organic glycerin locks in moisture. Organic willow bark extract soothes...  $15.00 USD
ELEWA KALAHARI MELON OIL BLEND – 2OZ ELEWA KALAHARI MELON OIL BLEND – 2OZ NICE AND GENTLE, HYDRATING OIL The Kalahari Melon Oil – Baobab Oil Blend is a very nice and gentle, hydrating oil for face and body, suitable for every skin. It provides long lasting...  $39.00 USD
ELEWA SKIN CARE SET FOR BALD MEN ELEWA SKIN CARE SET FOR BALD MEN WAS $49 This skin care set for bald men for cleansing and protection contains the pure and gentle Purification blend cleanser. Made out of USDA organic certified ingredients like olive oil, coconut...  $39.00 USD
ELEWA FACIAL SERUM BALANCE – 2OZ ELEWA FACIAL SERUM BALANCE – 2OZ LIGHT FACIAL-SERUM This Serum is suitable for dry, mature, sun-damaged skin. It provides long lasting hydration and protection. It provides nutrition, especially for the night. It contains...  $45.00 USD
ELEWA XIMENIA OIL – 2OZ ELEWA XIMENIA OIL – 2OZ RICH SKIN CARE OIL This dark yellow skin care oil has a honey like texture and is suitable especially for very dry, chapped skin. Once applied to the skin, it forms a protective film and soothes...  $39.00 USD
Elewa MORINGA FACIAL OIL BLEND – 1OZ Elewa MORINGA FACIAL OIL BLEND – 1OZ Moringa Facial Oil Blend, USDA organic certified: Key ingredient in this blend is Moringa oil. It is suitable for every skin, even when it is very sensitive. This oil blend provides hydration and...  $45.00 USD
ELEWA NILOTICA SHEA BUTTER – 8OZ ELEWA NILOTICA SHEA BUTTER – 8OZ LUXURY SHEA BUTTER FROM UGANDA This very special Shea butter from Uganda is pure Luxury for your skin. It has a creamy texture and leaves your skin hydrated, soft and nourished. High in Omega 3,6,...  $32.00 USD
ELEWA MARULA FACIAL OIL BLEND – 1OZ ELEWA MARULA FACIAL OIL BLEND – 1OZ Wild crafted African Marula Oil and Organic certified Rosehipseed oil are the main ingredients contained in this special blend. Vitamin A and E, Omega3 and Omega6 provide long lasting hydration and...  $39.00 USD