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Opuline’s handmade pieces echo the beauty of The East and its enchanting and decadent culture. Providing beautiful accessories is not their only aim but also giving good, fair wages to their talented craftsmen. Combining authenticity and rawness alongside elegance and opulence, Opuline’s timeless and exotic creations match the true essence of an empress.



Photo Title Descending Description Price Descending
Opuline Amethyst Cuff Opuline Amethyst Cuff Beautiful Silver cuff with a stunning Amethyst - making the perfect gift -   £225.00 GBP
Opuline Disco Discs Earrings Opuline Disco Discs Earrings Gold plated and embossed large statement disc earrings with Cubic Zirconia.  £92.00 GBP
Opuline Amethyst Hooks Opuline Amethyst Hooks Silver hooks with fine quality Amethyst cabochon. These contemporary earrings celebrate these gemstones in their natural form.   £50.00 GBP
Opuline Anklet Fire Opuline Anklet Fire Handmade pure Silver anklet with 24k Gold plating and real Sapphires and Rubies.  £40.00 GBP
Opuline Aqua Necklace Opuline Aqua Necklace Silver chain with real Pearls and real Turquoise tumbles. This beautiful necklace can be paired with our matching Turquoise Hooks.  £130.00 GBP
Opuline Sky Ring Opuline Sky Ring Large Turquoise ring surrounded by crystals.  £60.00 GBP
Opuline Baroque Cuff Opuline Baroque Cuff Baroque Pearl Brass cuff.  £160.00 GBP
Opuline Bird Brooch Opuline Bird Brooch Pure Silver brooch in Gold plating. This is individuality at it's finest!  £120.00 GBP
Opuline Blue Cassis Bangle Opuline Blue Cassis Bangle Gold plated Silver bangle in antique hammered finish inlaid with Sapphires.   £180.00 GBP
Opuline Blue Mist Earrings Opuline Blue Mist Earrings Three tier blue Sapphire earrings inlaid with Diamonds set in 14k Gold and Silver. The striking blue of the Sapphires will make an undeniable statement to any outfit.  £936.00 GBP
Opuline Brown Agate Bangle Opuline Brown Agate Bangle Brown Agate bangle with Silver and Lapis.  £55.00 GBP
Opuline Reign Earrings Opuline Reign Earrings Ruby and Jade earrings set in silver with 24k gold plating.  £150.00 GBP
Opuline Sakuri Earrings Opuline Sakuri Earrings Our stunning Sakura drop earrings, made up from romantic components of pink Tourmaline, Rubies and surrounded by Diamonds. The beautiful watermelon shade enhances emotions of love, joy...  £685.00 GBP
Opuline Ebony Bangle Opuline Ebony Bangle Beautifully handmade black wooden bangle with Silver, Lapis and magnetic clasps.   £40.00 GBP
Opuline Link Chain Opuline Link Chain Gold plated Silver necklace with multi gem - Diamond, Rubies, yellow Sapphires, blue Sapphires and green Garnet.  £1,260.00 GBP