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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017


Aries:    Mercury squares on Saturn and all may not seem to be so clear cut as you thought, especially as blame is being apportioned to someone you felt it was right to trust. Let things lie low until you can investigate the whole procedure and reserve judgment until you are sure!


Taurus:   Venus panders to an ebullient Leo just as you were about to make alternative plans. It would be wise to place some things comfortably on hold right now whilst there is any doubt, since time is of an essence and you have to strike out at the very best opportunity.


Gemini:   The Sun in Mercury sheds a new light on something that challenges you somewhat. You have been given a duty of care, and you are openly inquisitive and resourceful. Right now, well and truly nip something in the bud quickly, before someone gets hurt.


Cancer:   Your strong powers of detection are put to the test when it comes down to the nitty gritty and things have to be said. To remain silent now would be to give up your big chance to be heard for a change, as there are those who do not seem to be prepared to listen.


Leo:   With Venus in tow and the Cosmos sending a strong warning, you would be wise to adhere to; there comes a time to take things a step further. Whilst someone is waiting to step into your shoes the best you can do right now is to give them a run for their money!


Virgo:   Mercury’s take on in squaring with Saturn sheds some new light on an old problem and could just be the start of stirring up a hornet’s nest. For the sake of the peace why not make an offer that generously solves the matter and takes the sting away?


Libra:    The leopard cannot change his spots and it is a highly amorous Venus that squares up to Ceres at the end of this emotionally eventful month. When love enters into the bargain many do truly lose their heads, but you would be very wise to have an escape route!


Scorpio:   Subtle actions of the Moon bring you to your senses, and send you packing, since you have been barking up the wrong tree for some time now. It has been hard to let go of some emotional ties, but what is needed right now is to kill two birds with one stone.


Sagittarius:   Sadly not everyone has your sense of humour, but the recent events have just been an excuse. Your strong psychic energies are challenged, and you will find that you were right all along as the end result is a compromise that you so dearly wanted to avoid.


Capricorn:   You have a feeling that it is time for a change and things seem to be fitting very nicely into place. Time will tell how the fruits of your labours may be enjoyed by those who most need them, but do not make a rod for your own back, start as you mean to continue.


Aquarius:    You may have thought that nothing anyone could say or do could make a difference to you right now, and you would be wrong. You have your suspicions and you know why things turned out this way; but, above all, know that lies can’t hurt you anymore!


Pisces:   Jupiter is en route to bring you some much needed good luck and good fortune right now. Things haven’t exactly gone to plan, but then there is a reason for this currently unknown to you. In a while some shattering changes will uplift and centre you.


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