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Fashion’s Response to Barack Obama’s Win

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


 I don’t often discuss my political views at fashion events, or write about them in Stilorama Magazine; but something made me change my mind couple of days ago; like most of my friends I stayed up most of the night following the US election results as they filtered through every news channel and internet site.  I always followed the US election with interest, but this time it was different for all the obvious reasons and the non-obvious ones.  First African-American US president…the end of an era…time for a change…I didn’t have to wait long for the happy news.  History was made and I, like million of others witnessed it! People from all over the world were swept by Barack Obama’s fever, it seemed that for at least couple of hours, the world global economy did not matter, or the awful truth about the credit crisis and job losses; falling retail sales figures or high food prices were not on anyone’s agenda, mind or lips on Wednesday morning.  But like many headlines that come and go, Obama’s fever did not last much and after the party was over, we were all left standing reflecting on what the future might bring.   

We are all hoping for a change; and yes we need a change, I for one would like to join the American people in hoping and believing that Barack Obama will bring the change to all of us; and as my work and life evolves around the fashion industry, I can’t wait to see what Barack Obama’s era will bring to the catwalks and to the fashion world.  Are fashion designers going to embrace the change? Are we going to witness a revival of the late sixties fashion? 

Where here’s is how I think Barack Obama’s term in the White House will affect fashion trends.  For a start street fashion will be big in the next few years; mini skirts, bright coloured clothes, ruffles, lace, knitted fabrics, faded denim with embroidery and patch work.  Slogan on T-shirts will make a big comeback, and fashion might become a visual stylish statement and maybe a way for the young generation to communicate with the old establishment.  Clothes will become more affordable and more individual, as for fabrics, they will have an African inspired theme or appeal to them.

Whatever you might feel or think about Barack Obama’s victory, change has happened and I truly believe that it happened for the best.  I think we can finally leave behind us the greedy decade and look forward to a simpler way of living, dressing and thinking.

I will be back in a day or two with the latest news and views about fashion and beauty trends; if you can’t wait that long visit our magazine site  

Hala Di-Maio – Editor In Chief – Fashion Director – Stilorama Magazine –