Aries:     Mars and Pluto kick off in opposition, and however you plan your time know that you will be subject to cancellations, delays and misinformation…. all along the line. It won’t stop you, but it will give you time to think, and this will surprise you too!


Taurus:     Venus conjuncts Jupiter and things should start to get very much better. You certainly get the green light on a project, but timing is of the essence since work wise it seems to be all something and then nothing. You are being tested to take on a new role.


Gemini:    Wildly indecisive, a quick response is what is chiefly needed right now, but you are finding it hard to put two and two together. Don’t make a mountain over a molehill, but do insist that others get it right as they seek to gain from your expertise.


Cancer:   There comes a time when you say to yourself that enough is enough, and choosing to ignore the warning signs is taking you into dangerous territory; whilst giving the impression to others you don’t give a damn, and you do! Face up to recent facts!


Leo:     The Cosmos is sending you a clear cut message, but your stubborn pride is stopping you from taking it on board right now. In the scheme of things there are many gaps that need to be filled before you can lay a foundation built on trust, and forgiveness.


Virgo:     Mixed blessings as you have to follow the dutiful role in a recent family development. The idea that everyone will chip in is far from the reality, and you face the lion’s share of the current problems. Mercury and Neptune steer you in the right direction.


Libra:   Okay, so you may have to bite your tongue, but something does have to be done and you are the right person to take things onboard. The Mercury sextile with Ceres brings you to your senses, although never forget that you have a choice, too!


Scorpio:   Anger is a dish best served cold, and you have every right to give somebody hell for that which they didn’t do. Taking control of the situation, however, brings an unexpected reward and clears up a mystery too. Jupiter squares up to Saturn.


Sagittarius:   Jupiter is ensconced with Venus, and for sure it is love out there that is causing you to feel the way that you do. To love is never wrong, and you have a good feeling that all could work out well. How will you ever know, though, if you don’t give it a try?


Capricorn:     It is such a shame if indeed the baby is to be thrown out with the bathwater, and all this at a time when you could do with diversion and interest in your life. The Mercury opposition to Neptune works against plans, but brings fresh new ideas.


Aquarius:    Take what you have heard with a pinch of salt. Uranus and Mars near to a fatalistic collision in which there is much to lose and everything to gain, but it will be a matter of showing who is boss that will win through. You are capable and nobody’s fool.


Pisces:      You have coasted through a relationship problem, and you are reconciled and ready to put a new plan into action, but it will only work if you let it, and if your partner does not let you down, however gently that could be. Look before you leap!


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