Aries:   Actions between Mercury, planet of the mind, and Neptune, planet of emotions will show you just where you have gone wrong with a friendship. When you can explain yourself a little more, and be upfront about your stubborn refusal to accept things the way that they really are, now.


Taurus:   Sometimes you just have to sit back and let things happen, viewing your priorities and the very best way of understanding others. The Cosmos has given you the freedom to make choices by eliminating pressures on you, and there is absolutely no time like the present to move on!


Gemini:   Somebody of influence wants to take you under their wing, and this doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from what you have created. It does mean that you have to view possibilities with the clear acceptance that your talent can be enhanced and used to make a better future.


Cancer:   This is a time to realise that a plan really could work, and that you need something right now to get your teeth into. If, at first it sounds a little outrageous it could actually be made to work. Cosmic activity heralds change and status and this gives you all the support that you need.


Leo:   Your solar chart shows love and passion are there on the cards this month. Your ego is more fragile than you would admit, but it is important that you keep your relationship within the parameters of sense and sensibility. Before you say anything you may regret, be sure of yourself.


Virgo:    With Venus, planet of affection, opposing Neptune, planet of emotions, there comes a time to focus on your future happiness in a realistic and practical way. The more you reach out to others, the more they will respond in ways appropriate for you to appreciate them in the current now.


Libra:   Look to your opposing sign of Aries to see that there is a lot going on regarding a healthy balance of what is now the best for you. This isn’t selfish but it is self-preserving, and a time to make choices that allow you to celebrate the friendship and loyalty of others; and to develop any plans.


Scorpio:   Someone has given you advice that it would be best to ditch, but it has started you thinking in a new direction; so every cloud does have a silver lining after all. Making the most of a situation takes you out of the hot seat long enough to show you that you can’t do all this alone.


Sagittarius:   Accept the sincere offer of friendship extended to you and take that trip away. You, above all, need to see things from a different angle as you are too close to a situation right now. Whilst the decision has to be yours, there is no pressure, but time may change your mind!


Capricorn:  You are currently working very hard, and this brings you happiness, especially if your highly creative sources are motivated and stimulated. As Mercury, planet of communication, takes on Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune, throw caution to the wind and just go for gold!


Aquarius:  You seem to be restless and cagy about something, and have obviously made your mind up about something you are powerless to change. The aspect of the Sun taking on Uranus brings you that open door you have been looking for; and things are about to get much better.


Pisces:   Look to your inner self and try to understand what your body is saying to you. Above all you need to feel relaxed and confident with who you are, what you are doing, and what comes next. Cosmically your love energy is ready to be shared with those special people who really need it.


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