Aries:   Somehow you have got hold of the wrong end of the stick, and it’s all a matter of time before things kick off. Resolve brings strength, and timing is of the essence, to boot. With Mars in cahoots with Ceres take stock with a view to diffusing the pressure and eliminating any debris.


Taurus:   Venus enjoys a double whammy with a warring Mars and a culpable Cancer. You would be wise to spread some positive energy around, it is high time spirits were lifted, and bygones be bygones. Manipulation has interfered with a process designed to care for those who are suffering.


Gemini:    Mercury takes on Cancer and tells others in no uncertain terms that you are not to be messed with. Deliberation by others has brought delay to a project which begs to be completed. The way ahead is both clear and concise, providing someone is made to eat humble pie.


Cancer:   Burning the candle at both ends is keeping you very much on the go, but with both directional Mercury and embracing Venus, things are about to become less frenetic. Look after your friends, but whatever you do, keep those who would seem to be your current opposition, even closer!


Leo:    The Sun squares on Ceres, and starts a timed process that will illuminate you in a far better light. Taking centre stage for a change use this time to make sure the success of your latest scheme. Remember that in any partnership issues you work harder than anyone else could.


Virgo:  Mercury strikes a deal with Cancer, but is preparing for the big time, when Neptune trines. Do not hide your talents under a bushel, and whilst being your usual open and loving self, remember that sometimes it is what you do not say that speaks volumes about you and silences others!


Libra:    Three individual actions each bring you something you need right now as your planetary leader, Venus, scraps with Mars, vies for the attention of Ceres and courts Cancer. Be true to yourself and treat others as you would have them treat you, and this month you cannot possibly go wrong


Scorpio:   Blame the anger within on actions with Venus and Mars, who are not helping the situation with the confusion of their mixed messages. This does nothing to allay any doubts you may have, but this is what has forced you to rethink something pencilled in to your agenda!


Sagittarius:  You were the first to see the writing on the wall and to act accordingly, but then there were the feelings of some, who were rightfully offended, to take into account. Though you cannot be seen to take sides you can bat for your team, directing any responsibility fairly and squarely.


Capricorn:    Current pressure is a sure sign that your message has been misunderstood, there will always be some who do not want to hear the plain truth. With Jupiter playing into your hands and all the will in the World you have to know that you cannot please everyone all the time.


Aquarius:    Licking your wounds does not bring you the sympathy that you rightly deserve! If the boot was on the other foot there would be hell to pay, so fight your corner, tell the truth you are famous for, and show others that frankly you have better things to do right now, anyway!


Pisces:  Neptune awaits the actions of a retrograde, relying on Mercury to bring home the bacon. With your cards on the table your next move has to take on board a better knowledge of your immediate strengths and how you can best use them. Save decisions until the end of the month!


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