Aries:    Venus transits Ceres and time is of the essence as you begin to re write the essentials that will bring on the changes you currently face. All this is happening for very good reason, and you must accept responsibility for your actions and work tirelessly for what you believe in; putting love right up there on the menu too!


Taurus:   Nothing is tenderer than a Taurean in love; as they are able to pass this love onwards in each and every aspect of their lives. Doubts have now been swept away, and the focus can be now on a future that is based on fulfilment and happiness, both well deserved. When things were at a low you never gave up, now accept full reward.


Gemini:  The Sun enters with a flourish that stimulates your innermost energies and inspires you to commit to further discovery of yourself, and just what makes you tick. This focus is not selfish since many, besides yourself, will benefit from the decisions you will make. Power is a wonderful tool when used wisely for the common good.


Cancer:   Gemini brings you to make hay while the sun shines as this is a highly productive and busy month. There comes a reveal on a personal level as Venus and Neptune rub cheeks and dance side by side. A clear way ahead will see you through, but do not underestimate something which could prove to be a fly in the ointment!


Leo:   Mysteriously the current phase of the Moon sees a strong influence on you right now. You have a feeling that things are not right, but it is very hard to put your finger on what it is and what can be done. Midmonth both Jupiter and Pluto serve to make things easier, and when you relax then you will see the whole picture and where you stand.


Virgo:   The absence of Mercury brings you a silence that you wisely keep within, all to yourself. It is important to be sure and it is not the time to be too hasty and make any waves in the process. If this means biting your tongue then know that it won’t be for very long, and that someone close is working at making things happen in inspiring ways.


Libra:   The scales are resonating as anger has made you defensive, and though this is for good reason it destroys your delicate and finely tuned balance. With Venus tuned into Ceres at the start of the New Year, the influence of Neptune throws caution to the wind, and begs for conciliation so that peace can be better established for all.


Scorpio:   Look to your opposing sign of Taurus and you will find that Venus trines Neptune whilst negative actions are brought about by Saturn’s influence on Jupiter. Something or rather someone is taking the mickey, and this needs to be sorted once and for all. A time for silence has long gone and so have your say, it will make your day!


Sagittarius:    As Jupiter dallies with Pluto there comes a time to review contracts and written documents and to check your bank statements. Look at policies and renew with caution after doing some research. You need to feel protected and yet something is wrong, even though very small it can grow and bring vulnerabilities, to say the least.


Capricorn:   Remove pressure and take a breather since you are putting a lot of time and effort into something that currently isn’t rewarding you the way that it should. It is a curious Ceres that interacts with the Passion of feisty Venus this January, so remember to tread carefully but hold back on those things that now don’t seem that right!


Aquarius:    You are in a difficult position, made more complex because effectually you are being asked to take sides in a dissolving relationship, and it is very hard to see where your loyalties really do lie. In hindsight you would never have wanted to be involved but the result now is the finality of a separation is imminent and you can walk away


Pisces:    Neptune entertains Venus in style, since all that you do is fuelled by your love and respect for others. Loving yourself is sometimes hard for you to do, but you are making the right decisions based on getting on with what’s relevant right now, and balancing this with what needs to happen to make it all fit together as it should do!


Kenny is a working Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Astrologer, Healer and a Life Coach with over forty years’ experience.  He studied Astrology with the late and great Carole Golder, and he has been casting horoscopes for some thirty years.


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