Former Model Turned Fashion Designer Vanessa Serrano Talks to Stilorama

Vanessa Serrano Talks to Stilorama

Vanessa Serrano Talks to Stilorama

We finally managed to obtain an interview with the beautiful Spanish designer Vanessa Serrano. Former model turned designer, Vanessa is very young and full of inspiration.  She captured our attention with her beautiful summer collection made from 100% cotton which we think will be a huge success here in the UK.

We recently caught up with Vanessa and chatted with her about her beautiful fashion label and also about her inspiration behind her recent collection and also about her future aspirations.

Stilorama: Hi Vanessa. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Vanessa: I have always worked in a fashion environment… From a young age I have been a model, the design and the artistic creation has always fascinated me having a grandmother into crochet hook and another one making her own garments, therefore I grew up between needles and threads. My grandfather who was a painter and my craftsmen parents spiced up the cocktail of art, design and craft that today became Yasiara. Nevertheless, I want to mention that Yasiara was born beside my affinity to fashion and fine arts thanks to the contribution and support of my friends and family, and the big impact we had in the Mediterranean countries is due to the amazing collaboration with the great model and dearest friend Aída Yéspica.

Stilorama: You studied interior design and you also worked as a model, when did you decide on becoming a fashion designer?

Vanessa: Despite having studied interior design I have always wondered what if I would become a real fashion designer; my interest in fashion was also due to my direct contact with the fashion world through my work as a model.  This connection prompted me to start the Yasiara project where I dedicated all my time in creating unique garments using special fabrics. My inspiration comes from the island dressy style, clearly Ibiza, Tenerife and Stromboli have significantly marked my fashion line. I like to imagine that the tips of the dresses that I create are like the ephemeral and whimsical drawings formed by the foam on the rocks. Nobody will be surprised to find a romantic and classic taste in my designs; I am very proud of the Mediterranean culture and its influences on my garments inspired by the beautiful nature and things I see around me.

Stilorama: Do you think that putting personality into design is important, and if so, how do you go about doing that?

Vanessa: I am always trying to be myself when it comes to my designs, I am looking to show my free spirit in my creations and to also release my creativity.  I understand that it may seem to be something very personal, I would probably define it as something natural and spontaneous.

Stilorama: Why 100% cotton?

Vanessa: Postmodernism has led to an excess of the synthetic and the society of mass uniformity… I believe in working using traditional methods and fabrics inspired by the artistic simplicity of our maritime peoples… The commitment to pure cotton 100% is one facet of this return to nature. I understand that it may seem exclusive and almost selective, but I prefer to think of it as a return to what our ancestors wore. I like to think that what I do follows the tradition of the small little shop that my grandparents had on the Street of the Blacksmiths of La Laguna in Tenerife; since then many things have changed but the cotton we use remains the same.

Stilorama: Where do you see yourself in, say, 5 or 10 years?

Vanessa : Taking into account that Yasiara is not even one year old yet, I find it a little ventured to suppose where we’ll be in five or ten years. For now what I know for sure is that we are seriously thinking of further developing Yasiara’s closet with an autumn-winter collection. I already have some designs done waiting on my desk to be cut and ready to wear by thousands of girls around the world. On the other hand, we are looking forward to developing new patterns and I really wish to roll out in the proximate future a new line of bags and accessories.

Stilorama: If, you could live the life of another designer, for a day, who would it be, and why?

Vanessa: I have never thought about this actually…  The nowadays context of the contingencies and the crisis that we are living with makes me think about Coco Chanel in her beginnings after the World War I. I am not really sure if I would really like being someone else, I am fairly happy and confident being who I am, I try to enjoy every second and get the best of life.

Stilorama: Your website is still in progress; however we heard that your collection has already hit the stores in Italy and Spain. What’s next? Any plans for London?

Vanessa: Actually the whole Yasiara project is still in progress; fortunately the website is on the way by this summer.  We have a young and creative team of professionals who are giving their best everyday so that Yasiara could get closer to each customer who is interested in our special designs. We are looking for a significant immersion on the fashion market and further expanding our territory while doing more than increasing the sales – we are interested in people to get to know us better other than from the website, to meet our stores all-over. In the near future we plan to open showrooms in the most fashionable European cities where customers can touch and feel our fabrics. Indeed, we are already in Spain (Barcelona and Ibiza) and in Italy (Milan, Rome and Forte dei Marmi) looking forward to be in the United Kingdom, Monaco, Germany, France, Russia and United Emirates by the summer of 2014. We hope to get to London by the end of this year, other than online once we’ll launch our website, through the collaboration with your amazing magazine and with TopShop.  When the moment will come, our first target for a showroom will be Barcelona where Yasiara was born; the second is the European Capital of Fashion and one of my favourite cities in the world, London.

Stilorama: Can you show us your favourite items from this collection?

Vanessa: I feel a lot of affinity for all of them, regarding my totally self-devotion and implication in creating the designs with the highest precision and putting my best in each. Though, Raissa skirt on black colour gives me a special feeling of a special elegancy even if designed to be light and extremely comfortable. Helena is an essential garment of the collection representing the goddess perfection and the purity all in one dress that accentuate the eternal feminine while Agatha is in a full commitment with the ethnical roots, light and vaporous but still stylish and sexy I can’t help not to choose it as one of my favourite garments of the first Yasiara collection.

Stilorama: Vanessa, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you, we can’t wait to see your new website and of course your new collection once it hits the UK.

Vanessa: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you too.

To view Yasiara’s collection please visit

By Cecilia Rotar

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