August 2017 Horoscopes by Stilorama’s Astrologer Kenny Corris

August 2017 Horoscopes by Stilorama’s Astrologer Kenny Corris

Aries:    Clarity and good intention are the hallmark of your wants and needs right now, so just go for it, as soon as you can. Communications take a definite step in the right direction too, bringing calm and peace to a heated situation, which should now cool significantly.


Taurus:   Venus takes on a calculating Ceres and confronts a dreamy and romantic Pisces. With demands being made on your time, it is important to take the opportunity to make of this exactly what you will. The next step really only needs your full approval any way.


Gemini:   Mercury’s actions with Ceres bring about some new ways of solving what is now quite an old problem. Your decision is hard to confine when you take everything into consideration, especially when you do not currently have the support that you really need.


Cancer:    A good time to start to remove the clutter and debris all around you. Things have become too complicated, and this has led to others abusing your kindness and biting the hand that feeds them. If you value yourself then have your say and be damned!


Leo:    As the Sun squares on Pluto and subtly opposes mighty Mars there comes a time to use your energies in a positive and inspiring way. Your innermost sensitivities have shown you that anything is possible if you have faith in yourself, and influence over others.


Virgo:    Pluto’s subtle influences have been at work and have transformed things to resolve a negative faction that was heading out of control. Give yourself a pat on the back for finding the temerity to make things happen, all around People should be supporting you!


Libra:  Venus acts positively to a Piscean romantic notion, and begs you to stop questioning that which you no longer need to. The past is over and now you have found what you were looking for then let there be nothing to get in the way.  Your emotional centres are ready for action.


Scorpio:   The Sun opposes Mars and a corner develops in which you are both angry and saddened. Whatever you do please do not lose your faith in yourself, and hold your temper, even if it seems as if those all around right now are losing theirs for no reason!


Sagittarius:    Something is wrong, and you can feel it…….though you cannot put your finger on what’s up or why you feel this way. Actions with Pluto determine that your sensitive balance is affected and your intuitive energies are tuned towards aspects best dealt with!


Capricorn:   Looking towards your opposing sign of Cancer there are things that have to be nipped in the bud, as you are pre warned of a situation. For some good reason someone is being very economical with the truth and now your suspicions are aroused.


Aquarius:    As Neptune nears Venus there is a time to put your cards on the table. Anyone who really does love you would not be treating you the way that they are, and you have to make it known that you cannot continue as things currently are between you.


Pisces:   Venus is controlling your heart right now. It is vital that you feel the freedom of your good intention and that the pathway to your hidden secret wishes and desires is clear and receptive on all levels. You are more than you think that you are, remember this!


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