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We divert sales directly to you, whether you have your own website or not.

E-Commerce Bespoke Solutions

We provide and Online Advertising and Marketing platform for E-Commerce businesses by offering luxury stores and designers an online venue to showcase their merchandise.  We give shoppers direct access to all our Retail Partners' websites and products.  Bespoke packages comprise:

*Storefront Banner with direct links to the seller's website

*Up to six images per product

*Perfect for all businesses and independent designers

*Product directory listing

*Storefront Directory listing

*Editor's note

*Buy now links

*Own Newsletter subscription

*Clicking on on boutique and product will take the shopper directly to you.

E-Commerce Advertising Solutions:

*Advertising with Stilorama is effective and simple.  We offer products placements on our landing front page and on our shopping per category pages.

*Clickining on your advert will take the seller directly to you.

*Perfect for all Businesses

*Ideal for limited period campaigns

*Every front page advertiser automatically gets a storefront listing absolutely FREE for the entire duration of the front page advert.

All products featured in belong to their respective vendors.  Each vendor has its unique website and processes each order independently. 

All payments and shipments are handled by each vendor. does not handle any business transactions between buyers and sellers, we only

provide the virtual space for each vendor to post or upload images of their products and/or create a storefront, and we maintain the organisation fo the

site to improve communication between buyer and seller.

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